Un-Tapped Places Where You Can Find Amazing Logo Design Templates for Free

Amazing Logo Design Templates

The perfect logo is an incredibly important part of your brand and it is definitely something that deserves some of your time and attention. Designing a logo used to mean that you either had to really know what you are doing or hiring someone to do it for you which meant you also had to spend thousands of dollars. Nowadays, thanks to things like free software and free logo design templates, you can do the job yourself, even if you are a newbie and for no cost at all. If you are looking for templates, then check out the sites we recommend bellow.

iGraphic’s Free Logo Templates

If you want something that will offer you a good amount of choice, but not overwhelm you with thousands of templates, then iGraphic’s Free Logo Template because if offers you a solid 70 free template options. Before you decide which template you want to go for, you can get a preview of each logo on the main browsing page and when browsing, you can either go through all of the pages individually or simply browse the site by category, music, shape, food, people, just to name a few. After you have decided, you can then download the template in Photoshop’s PSD and the vector EPS formats.

Canva’s Free Logo Templates

If you do want a lot of choices, and if 22 pages full of free logo design templates sound good, then go and checkout the free logo design templates on Canva’s website. When you get on the page you can browse those 22 pages one by one, or if you want to make things a bit easier, you can sort through them by the logo type that you are interested in such as education, café, computer, design and about a dozen more different categories. After you have settled for a template you can then use the Canva interface to edit that template with your own choice of colors and text.

CreativeBooster’s Free Logo Templates

Something that is different about this site is that if you want to view additional 25 minimalistic logo templates, then you will have to provide CreativeBooster with your email and your name, however we don’t feel like this is much of a price to pay. Each different logo is stored separately as a PSD file but you will also be able to open the templates is the AI format since they are both stored in the same ZIP file.

Designing a logo can be a very daunting task for some, especially if they are newbies and that is exactly what makes templates so perfect, and the fact that they are free logo design templates is even better which means you won’t have to break bank to have a beautiful and unique logo to go with your brand.

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